Moon Lamp - The perfect Anniversary Gift

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Say Goodbye to boring anniversary gifts, and surprise your partner with the magical moon Lamp!

Has anyone ever sarcastically asked you for a piece of the moon? Now, you can promise your loved one the moon and follow up.

Built with 3D printing technology, this lamp isn't simply a white sphere - it is a lamp with a picture of you and your significant other engraved in it. 

All you have to do is provide us with an image and a text message and we will work our magic. The ultimate romantic gift your lady will love. This lamp is out of the world, quite literally!

    How does it operate?
    • The lamp will light up by clicking the sensor on the bottom of the moon
    • Touch the sensor continues to dim the light and touch it continuously again to increase the intensity of the light
    • Touch the sensor to turn off the lamp

    Customization Instruction:
    • Text Message: Fill in at the text box above (up to 40 character limit)
    • Photo Upload: Upload high-quality photos by clicking on the button above
    • Only the foreground will be printed on the moon, not the background.
    • The picture and the text will be on the opposite side of the moon
      • the picture on the front
      • And the text on the back

    The product may not exactly match the picture you share. The accuracy is around 70-80%

    Package Includes: 

    1 x Personalized Moon Lamp
    1 x Wooden Base
    1 x Wire
    1 x Remote (If Remote Variant is selected)

    Size Options:

    Moon Lamp All sizes 

    Disclaimer: Pictures shown below are only for the purpose of illustration not pictures of the actual product

    Material and features
    • Built with 3D printing technology
    • Wireless lamp
    • Charge the lamp with the wire included
    • Lights up in three different colors - White, Off White, Yellow
    • Material: Polylactic Acid Plastic
    • Customize it with an image on the front and a text message on the back
    • Country of origin: India

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Chaitanya Adimalla


    Prabhakar gandham

    I never imagined such a beautiful art from u....thank uuu ..i love u r team...nothing to say awesome 👌 anthe

    Shivangi Amba

    Really beautiful!! Exactly the same as shown in the picture! Loved it!

    Mohammad afzal

    Excellent product.

    Rohit Singh

    Awesome concept, loved the product, creative idea

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