Hey guys,

This is Nikhil, founder of Art Galore. Yes, this is me below, making my effort look cool🙈, in our new brand colors. 

Nikhil Jain Founder Art galore

How about I take you around and introduce you to the who, what, and how behind Art Galore?

Sounds cool, right?

Before that, I want you to imagine a palace with as many rooms as you want, let's call it the AG PALACE. Now, I want you to assign one room and name it "WHO ARE WE", another one "WHAT WE DO" and the last as "HOW WE DO IT".

As we move along these rooms, you will get your answers to all the questions.


Let's enter the first room! "WHO ARE WE"

We are a team of professionals who have spent many years serving in the private sector and before Art Galore happened, our team was working as analysts and planners for the digital marketing space at our respective companies, it was good while it lasted but what bothered us was the absence of quality control and a customer-centric approach. 

Our heads were with ideas and all that we needed was a platform.

That's when we came up with "Art Galore". It's the brainchild of our hardworking team, who have put their heart and soul into this project.

We strongly believe in minimalist art and aesthetically clean designs. These two things came together and birthed the foundation of our diverse range of products. 

Our motto is simple- to provide our customers with the best of service, quality as well as quantity.

Let's slowly move to room two? "WHAT WE DO"

We are an e-commerce brand specialising in custom-made luxury products.

This is what the glimpse of our website will tell you, but do you want the inside truth?

Besides providing customization services, there are a lot of back-end operations that go behind the curtains.

From attending the prospective customers to manufacturing to delivering the final product,

We take care of everything from our end and that is why the process becomes even more special for us.

No doubt, there are endless players in the market who are doing amazing things in the digital space but what makes us different from the others is our CUSTOMER-CENTRIC APPROACH. We go a step further to refine the customer experience by helping them throughout their shopping journey.

We don't care about numbers, what we do care about is the quality of our products and the feedback.

Art Galore has everything from room decor to luxury jewellery to aesthetic essentials. 

With us, happiness is just an order away :)

Liking the tour till now? Thank you for hanging on till the last room? "HOW WE DO IT"

We have a team of professionals from manager to foreman, everything is handpicked by us.

We don't cater to vendor service as it leads to delay in decision making as well as creates room for doubt about the quality and as I mentioned earlier, we don't meddle with quality.

After you place an order with Art Galore, our team nurtures your beautiful idea into a masterpiece. If you don't have any ideas, we will take care of that too.

We have hundreds of catalogs and product samples to choose from.

Then comes the manufacturing part, you guys will be surprised to know that we have our own manufacturing unit situated in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh.

We look over every little detail of your order at ground level. And I am proud to share that this hawk-eye working style is our USP.

Your orders are checked thoroughly under the quality control unit and then only sent for dispatch.

We recently completed 14,000 happy customer orders and that says something about us given the span of 15 months that we have been in business.

This tour ends here but our services are limitless. We are here, waiting for you to place your order and give yourself a chance to live this dream tour ❤️