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Human body is nothing less than a miracle. Science has been used in all its glorious forms to figure out the functioning of our anatomy and for some reason it is never enough! And to take care of such a mystery is a particular task in itself which requires discipline, consistency and a set of healthy habits to be followed.

In this piece, we will be discussing a few of the many ways to take care of this heavenly abode that your body is. Let's start, shall we?


What goes on inside your head is equally important as to what goes on inside your body. Our being follows a mind to existence connection which if taken care of can do wonders.

For which, we suggest Meditation. Meditation doesn't have to be confined to a process of sitting still with your fingers articulated in the yogic mudra. It can be as simple as taking a walk in nature, or listening to a soothing musical piece, or cooking.

Meditation can be anything that brings calmness and content to your mind and leaves you relaxed and happy.


What you eat directly affects your body. If you feed it healthy things, it will pay you back in the form of a balanced physical health and immunity.

On the other hand, eating everything that's given to you will leave your body lethargic, fatigued and slow.


Nature has provided us with plenty of healthy knick knacks around us. We all are well aware of our dadi-ke-nuskhe, aren't we?

A pinch of turmeric in the milk assures bone density, whereas a spoon of honey soothes sore throat. Basil leaves are trusted for good gut health and immunity. We have been blessed with all of these and many more and all it needs is a conscious mind and lifestyle.

Hope you like this piece.

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