The festive season is right around the corner and we can't keep calm!

The excitement of preparations, bittersweet fights with family, and the smell of freshly made laddus. 

How can we not be excited about all of this?

But along with the festive fun comes the sweet exhaustion of roaming through outlets and shops to find hundreds of stand-alone decor pieces that makes our guests go "Wow". 

And how can we miss out on presents? Aren't we all always a little bit too excited to see what our friends have brought for us? Well, I can assure you they feel the same way.

But guess what? We can help you with that, not a million but we have the best few under budget pieces to make sure that you become Santa Claus this Diwali :)

Light on your pockets, big on hearts ❤️

Let's start. 

Shall we? 

The star of our show - NEON LED LIGHT BANNERS.

The aesthetic decor has been in the trend for quite a while and creative light-themed articles top the chart. Perfect to go with any kind of decor. Be it your living room, bedroom, or study room.

Don't like flashy quotes? Fret not, we have a range of customized banners and if you are the indecisive one in your group then we have an entire team who can brainstorm ideas for you. In short, we have got you cover.

Good Vibes Only


A little tip from our designer :

These banners go amazing with indoor plants and a hint of color. Place them over your couch or on a plain wall, they will instantly add a vibe to your interior.

Designed to perfection, these banners have been created keeping minimalism in mind.    


The second on our list is the MOON LAMPS!

Are you a die-hard romantic fan like us? And appreciate rooms filled with a soft glow? 

Then you are at the right place, my friend.

Our MOON LAMPS are ready to make you fall head over heels.

 Brownie points? They can be customized!

Photo Moon Lamp

Want to give your parents or friends something to remember you by? Moon Lamp is the way to go!

Have a crush but don't know how to go about it? 

Well, Moon Lamp won't be the savior but this definitely can be a good start.

A tip from our designer :

Place this compact yet eye-catching decor piece on your side table/centre table and let those compliments rain in.

Easy to assemble and function, this piece is all love and hearts ❤️

P.S - This is just a sneak peek into the wide variety of luxury gift and decor pieces we have in our box. Spend some time going through our collection and we are sure you will enjoy every minute of it :) 

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