As much as we all enjoy being active users of social media, it comes with its own set of pros and cons.

According to reports, there are 4.48 billion people actively using social media in 2021. And the numbers keep increasing with each passing day.

The data says a lot about human interaction with digital technology and our content consuming rate. But how do we decide what to watch and what to ignore? Who decides that? Certainly not the authorities in power or else Zuckerberg wouldn't have been dragged in court for breaching privacy and ethical morals.

The answer is us. We as individuals decide the kind of content we want to see and the one that we would like to see shortly.

We have a few tips for you as you dwell deeper in the world of endless data consumption.


In the era where you make friends and choose life partners by swiping left and right, it might be a tough task to keep your social profiles all locked up and private. And no, we aren't asking you to be paranoid about it, all we care about is your well-being.

Do a thorough check before accepting any follow request or connection. The same applies to who has access to your pictures and personal data. A few minutes of vigilance goes a long way.


"You are what you see, hear and read". This is the only lesson to keep in mind before logging into your accounts. The range of content available out there is mind-boggling and picking doesn't come the easy way.

The only way to filter the content you watch is through "mindful consumption". With the change in algorithms and video length as small as 15 seconds, this might take some time to get used to.


The last and most important thing to keep in mind is your mental being. Whatever you do, share, appreciate and support goes through judgments from the people sitting behind screens in some part of the world and the consequences can be a bit disheartening if not in your favor. In these situations, it's of utmost importance to study and research before putting your thoughts out there as well as to always be open to improvement.

And while doing all of this, don't let it dim your radiance. Take care of yourself :)

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