The luxury fashion brand Chanel picked its newest CEO from a pool that wasn’t filled with $80 perfume. 

Chanel is a French luxury fashion house that was founded by coutourière Coco Chanel in 1910. Headquartered in London, the brand is a hub for women's clothes, luxury goods and accessories.  The company recently announced that Leena Nair, an exec at the British consumer goods giant Unilever, would replace billionaire co-owner and chairman Alain Wertheimer.

Who is Nair? 


After joining Unilever 29 years ago, she worked her way up to become the first Asian, first female, and youngest chief human resources officer at the company.

As the first luxury brand CEO of Indian origin, Nair brings Chanel into the ranks of powerful companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and most recently, Twitter, which are all run by people who grew up in India.

 Chanel’s decision to hire Nair signals many significant points :

  1. a shift in product priorities—Chanel sells a number of other items including makeup and watches.
  2. a new company culture that values inclusivity.

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