Hey guys! Happy 2022 :)

We wish that all of you get to thrive and grow multifold this new year!!

Let's start the very first #mondaymania for this year. New year, new day, first MONDAY! Kicking in some numbers to keep you guys updated.

"Big Techs" continues to earn in trillions!! Wondering what a Big Tech is?

Big Techs are basically tech giants/big five. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Meta come under the umbrella of definition.

Irrespective of how much our daily lives depend on these big five. Collectively, these companies are facing anti-monopoly cases brought on by regulators around the world. The pandemic forced the world to go digital

And Big Tech provided crucial services through cloud infrastructure, communication, ecommerce, and remote work tools. The 5 companies now make up 7 of the world’s most valuable firms.

Who was the biggest Big Tech winner?

From an investment perspective, it was Alphabet (GOOGL), which has returned 70% this year. 

Search dominated: Alphabet’s core ad search business grew 43% YoY last quarter, which is wild when you consider that it’s already a massive $200B+/yr. business. Android to the rescue: Apple’s iOS privacy changes hurt many digital ad firms (e.g., Meta, Snap, Pinterest), but Alphabet’s search business has been largely immune. Owning the Android mobile OS def helps.

YouTube on the rise: Alphabet’s video platform is now on a $28B+ annual revenue rate (putting it on par with Netflix).

Cloud growth: While smaller than Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, Alphabet’s cloud infrastructure business is benefiting from the shift to remote work.

Looking forward, we have only one certain Big Tech prediction for 2022: Meta won’t change its name.

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