You guys should know the drill by now!

Hey, hi, hello! It's Friday, which means?


And in today's goodie box we have an essential for you. Everyone needs it, like EVERYONE! A KEYCHAIN! And we have added the ArtGalore touch of customization to it.

We are launching our PERSONALISED RESIN KEYCHAIN today.


The custom resin keychain comes in a circular shape which provides enough space for all kinds of customizations like name tags, emojis, personalized messages, and flower petals.


The process starts with our customers approving the final design and then moves ahead to the manufacturing unit where indigenously produced molds are used.

The molds are then carefully filled with flower petals, messages, sparkles, leaves, shimmer, and a lot of other things and it highly depends on the kind of design one wants. We then pour the resin over the mold and let it sit and dry under the right temperature to ensure good quality and sturdy finalized product.

Charms are added at the end of the process which again can be personalized at the customer's will. The package of happiness is then dispatched from our warehouse to your doorstep.


A keychain is counted as an essential and can be gifted to your loved ones in any form. From your best friends to your family, it can be a little charm to hold on to which will always remind them of you.

And who doesn't love shimmers and flowers bonded together as a beautiful memory?

Check out our website here, to take home your charm today :)

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