Art Galore started its journey exactly a year back and it has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. And all of this wouldn't have been possible without you guys.

Yes! You, the load of gracious peeps who trusted us and keep coming back till now. We are ever so grateful and as a thank you, we are going to share your special stories in this blog.

Stories of the time where our team sat glued to their chairs to wrap up an order, or when our digital guy burnt the midnight oil to nail the perfect design for your special someone.


So lay back, grab your snacks and that blanket too(because whoa it's chilly round here) and let's get started with some of our best customer stories and the feedbacks that melted our hearts and reminded us why we do, what we do ❤️


Are you an organizer? You know, that one person who took the command and went on to plan every little detail of a function. Well, one of our beloved customers had organized a cute little anniversary party for their parents.

There was a catch though, she discovered us pretty late hence needed the order delivered within a week but our standard delivery period of 10-15 days would have been an issue.              It was a lot of work in the backend but somehow we managed to deliver the present at the right time and they loved every bit of it.

This is the kind of service that our customers deserve and that's all that we stand for :)



We don't believe in limiting ourselves to set standards, growth is always on  the table.   An incident on similar lines occurred when one of our customers wanted to incorporate creatives in our already existing designs. Our team buckled up and was more than happy to help them with it. The reason behind it is our indigenous manufacturing unit at Madhya Pradesh (India), whatever your ideas, we are here to shape it into a tangible form.

Results are a happy customer and an even happier team :)


            Work ethics are something that nobody should alter with and we stan!

Right from placing an order to finalizing designs, we make sure that you are a part of it. One such fun story is of the time when our customer wanted to change the dimensions of the order. Given the number of complications, it was a tough call toinform the entire team from designers to manufacturers. But we somehow made it through and it still rules our bestseller charts.

Moral of the story?

After placing an order, our dedicated wing team does not move ahead with the manufacturing process unless you are content with the design and look of your selected item.

After all, we value your money as well as your emotions :)


The moment of truth.

The lingering excitement to get a glimpse of what your loved ones will see. All of us have been there, haven't we?

Well, we always are equally excited to share the final product with you. Before sending the package out for delivery we make sure to share final images with the respective customers.

It helps and they appreciate the effort :)

There are too many sweet and personal stories to share over a blog but we tried to give you people a sneak peek into our world. Hope you liked it.


And if you have hung around till the end of this blog then do check out our products. We are always ready to welcome a new member with new stories :)


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