It's Launch Day

Hey guys,

It's Friday! And what does that mean?

Well, Friday can mean a lot of things, wrap up all your work before going out to party for the weekend? Let your work pile up and postpone it for Monday? Start binge-watching a new show? Making plans for Saturday night? Collect essentials for your me-time lazy Sunday?


So many options to choose from just like our collection of luxury gifts and decor.

See what I did there?

For us, Friday means a new product and for you, another gem to add to your collection!

Today, we launched our CUSTOMIZED BAR NAME PENDANT.


Our Customized Bar Name Pendant comes in all shapes. You can get any name printed over the bar and add it to a chain.

The design is sleek and aesthetically pleasing. It is a unique piece of jewelry that can be styled in multiple ways.


The process starts with the order image and details. After which the design is made using application-specific software on the Computer. Then the designs are printed and brought to life using high-quality laser printing machines.

Once the design is crafted out in a tangible form, it is cut and assembled by our well-trained team.The final piece then goes through multiple checks of quality assurance and is sent to the warehouse for packing and dispatch.The entire process is guided by our senior team of manufacturers to avoid any kind of customer dissatisfaction.


The brownie points of having this bar-shaped customized pendant are its unique design and amazing quality of material used. You can pair this with anything and it will add to the charm of your outfit. This jewelry piece is a must-have for teenagers as well as office-goers. Be it a birthday party, a work meeting, a brunch date with your girls, or even on your vacation, this evergreen piece is sure to make heads turn.

This jewelry screams elegance and is also a very thoughtful present for your loved ones.

Wrapping this piece up here! But don't go away so soon.

Don't forget to check out the customized bar name pendant on our website here.

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