Influencer Marketing 101

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New month, New week!!

And to welcome the new week, we are kickstarting our Monday blogs from today. Wonderingg what our Monday blogs will follow?

We thought about it, actually our entire team brainstormed themes and relevant topics. And then we came up with ways to enlighten your reach if you are also a small business trying to grow. We will share pieces on ways to business mantra on our Monday blogs and the first in the line is Influencer Marketing.

So your entire team can't get people's favourite influencer to advertise your product? A number of phone calls and all formal mails aren't the solution to this problem. Let us guide your way out of this vicious circle and take your product to your target audience's insta stories.

I bring forward to you an Influencer Seeding Toolkit -  a well laid process consisting of steps to test your strategy and patience too so grab a tub of popcorn and let's do this. Shall we ?

A few pointers that we will go through in this:

  •  Seeding is the way : Sow now to reap later.
  • Addressing your team : Avengers Assemble.
  • Pamper them and stick around till the end of the date
  • Chivalry always wins,EVERYWHERE.


Not to sound desperate, but you do want them to technically sell your product in their own space and to let this happen you will have to trust them first.

Seeding is like showering your friend with birthday surprises and if you picked the right friend then be prepared to enjoy your birthday filled with better surprises. This is the theory behind Seeding.

Send your favorite influencers a gift product which helps to build a connection between you and them. Allow them to use it at their own pace and ask for nothing in return. Sit back and wait as your team will form itself just like a seed converts into a plant.


Your team of influencers affects the course of the product so take a day or two to shortlist your target influencers. Micro influencers have a follower count of 5k-20k whereas Macro influencers have a larger scale of followers, between 50k-100k.

To start with, your target should be micro ones as they are more likely to respond to your DMs and calls, they will also put in more effort into curating appreciation posts as it will expand their reach.

Start with planning (with the help of Influencer outreach list : seeding template)and laying out a strategic plan on ways to communicate with influencers. Curate a DM with hints of formal and comfortable  language that assures the legitimacy of your brand as well as giving them the space to work with their creative freedom.

Be direct with your conversation and ask for the required details to proceed.


It's manners 101! You approach them with a free gift product, deliver the same and then stick around till they come forward with a review. But try not to be too desperate checking their insta and FB handles daily. MightyScout is something where the brands can upload the influencers information and keep a track of what they post, from stories, posts to reels, it covers everything.

There are brownie points for presentation too, customising the package as per their style is something which has proven to be a good start of a long lasting influencer partnership

For example, adding some thank you templates(provided in our toolkit), adding something personal that portrays their style, goodies and little knick knacks that makes your hamper stand out from all other competitor brands. Remember, first impressions matter? Research about that Influencer and hit them up with the best product gift that they have received, make them feel that they can be a part of your brand.


We are almost done with our implementation process, gifts have been delivered and you see posts on their handles that made your product shine through. What should be your next step?

Value the connection, be chivalrous and go ahead and ask for their permission to use their review for your benefit. As a brand that produces on a large scale that is the least you can do. Be professional and wait for their confirmation at the same time accepting their yes and no.


Once you have followed all these steps, you will have your dream team of influencers which will also allow you to take it to the next level and approach some macro influencers with your already booming product reach, all thanks to the Insta algorithm.

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