Featured Product - Week 3 Nov'21

There is something about memories that gives us happy butterflies in our stomach and to keep those butterflies close, you need to remember the sweet nothings.

That's where ArtGalore comes into picture.

We are a brand that offers unlimited customisation options with products ranging from lamps to name lights and jewellery too.

With us, you can never run out of options!!

In the similar trend, we are presenting "CUSTOM WOODEN ENGRAVED COUPLE WALL NIGHT LIGHT".


The lovely lamp has a very simple yet delicate look. It has your name in cutouts and can be attached to the wall as per your convenience.

It also comes in two sizes of 12inches diameter and 16 inches diameter.


The soft glow of the light is perfect to amp up any space and the name cutouts screams elegance at its best.

This can be used as a decor piece and as a present to your loved ones. The name cutouts symbolises a range of emotions which defines any relation.

The design is made of eco-friendly and qualified birch plywood so there is no scope of harm to nature.

Visit ArtGalore.in here to order yours today. Follow us on our social media channels here.

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