Featured Product (Week -1)- DECEMBER!!

Studies have shown that emotions are capable of driving life on earth, be it plants or animals.

All of us are tied together in a single string by our response to the situations. To put it in layman's terms, we are bonded together as one on the grounds of our reactions to certain actions.

Why is it suggested that plant parents name their pots and talk to them at least once a day? Studies have proven that active communication with plants helps them grow faster. Isn't it fascinating how a stray follows you to your home if you offer them food and your pet won't stand your presence if you are mean to them?

That is how strong emotions are!

They drive each one of us and that is why we value emotions more than anything on this platform.

Today is Featured Product Week 1 and with the holiday season coming up, there can't be a better time to express your gratitude and feeling to your loved ones.

The featured product for this week is 



The lamp comes in a heart-shaped design and is a multicolor product which means it comes with different color settings which can be controlled via a remote control device. 

The heart lamp is set on a strong wooden base which assures good support for the lamp to stand on. The packaging also carries a USB charger which can be directly plugged into the lamp and then to an active power source to function the lamp.


The heart lamp is a decor and gift piece that carries your warmth and love with it. You can customize it with pictures, names, and words to remind yourself or your loved ones of the happy times and to show how grateful you are for them.

In case you can't decide on a picture or design then our technical team will help you to finalize the perfect design for the perfect heart lamp.

After all, it's all about expressing your love, isn't it?

Do check out our product here, and place your order today.

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